Fuvahmuah has many places of interest to see and explore. It has some of the most significant historical sites and ruins in the Maldives, dating back almost two millenniums.

Dhadimagi Kilhi and Banddara Kilhi are two fresh water lakes surrounded by vast wetland area. There are boardwalks that gives you a beautiful view of the wetland area. Kalho Akirigando or Black Stone Beach is a beach on the southern side of the island, behind the Airport. Its distinct feature is the large pebbles with a shade of black.

Havihtha is the ruins of a stupa at least 1500 years old. Other pre-Islamic era structures include, Vasho Veyo, a well-preserved circular communal well. Found similarly well preserved is the, Gemmiskiy Veyo, a rectangular communal well. Gemmiskiy, one of the oldest and most historically significant mosques in the island, the mosque dates back to 1300’s. The mosque compound also contains a communal well, an enclosed shrine (ziyaarat) of a revered religious figure and a cemetery. Of similar historical significance is Kedeyre Miskiy. It is a 450-year-old mosque and features an intricately carved stonework bath.