Finest beach break in the Maldives

Traditionally surfing in Fuvahmulah was limited to body boarding with wooden planks and drift food. However, in a short span of a decade, surfing in Fuvahmulah has grown exponentially as a sport, as a leisure and as a subcultural movement. The island is home to some of the finest young surfers in the country, who have represented the island at national and international level.

Surf Spots in Fuvahmulah

Thoondu, is a beach break in the Maldives and one of the finest surf spot in the island, with most of the surfing taking place in an area called Eleyis and in The Hut or Lonu Break, named aptly after one of the pioneers of surfing in the island. To the north of the island, Kalho Akiri Gando or Black Stone Beach is an equally good surf spot to ride the waves.

Your beginner guide

For beginners who are looking to pick up the basics of surfing, Geragando Fanno or Fanno Surf as known within the surf community is an ideal beach to learn, ride and practice the waves. There are local surf schools and associations that provide surf lessons and other surf related services in the island.

Surf Schools in Fuvahmulah